Our Friendly Staff Welcomes YOU!

Dale Morimizu Gorman

Executive Director

Ana Gomez

Registered Dental


Peter Shimizu, DDS

Dental Director

Thomas Kissinger, Ed.D.

Board President

Board of Directors


Thomas Kissinger, Ed.D.

  Burbank Unified School District


Vice President

Renee Johnson

  Burbank Senior Apartments/

  Cusumano Real Estate Group



Silvia Mancini

  The Walt Disney Group IT



Thomas Engman, CPA

  KKAJ Certified Public             Accountants






Alfred Antoun

  City of Burbank Water & Power


Sean Aquino

  City of Burbank Water & Power


Rene Benavides

  The Walt Disney Company


David Dobson

  Independent Film Editor/Motion        Graphics


Alejandra Gillette-Teran

  Morris & Berger


Nancy Guillen

  True Integrity Insurance & Payroll          Services, Inc.


Ross Necessary

  Warner Bros. Worldwide   Theatrical Marketing


Bradley Recker

  Burbank Water and Power


Daniel Sanchez

  Dilbeck Real Estate





We could not serve our community without our wonderful volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, interns and administrative volunteers!   We may miss mentioning a few from time to time, but here are some of our regulars:

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Staci Asano RDH BS

Nataly Bui, RDH

Emily Bys, RDA

Jolene Chu, RDH

Josie Dizon, RDH

Stephanie Froelich, RDH

Tamae Glover, RDH

Francesca Hoffman, RDH

Jacob Maseredjian, RDH

Lilian Regalado, RDH

Janett Unda-Alvarez, RDHEF

Melissa Valenzuela-Lashley,RDH

Dental & Pre-Dental Student Volunteers

Jeffrey Asano

Emma Beste

Rasha  Dubuni

Alycia Chung

Kelly Cox

Amber Gomez

Lindsey Hertzberg

Sue Kim

Siuneh Minassian

Sahlee Peyton

Clesther Ramos

Shanie Revivo

Taryn Slepicoff

Rebecca Tom

Mindy Truong

Delilah Simon

Veronica Valdez

Julia Endrizzi, DDS (Pediatric)Cheryl Estiva, DDS (Pediatric)

Samuel Kim, DDS

Oariona Lowe, DDS (Pediatric)

Seran Ng, DDS (Pediatric)

Sanah Sohrab, DDS (Pediatric)

John Asano, DDS

Megan Doudian, DDS

Patricia Gordon, DDS

Heather Householter, DDS

Timothy Knox, DDS

Gary Landa, MD, DDS (Oral Surgeon)

Raymond Lee, DDS

Clarence Lin, DDS

George Liu, DDS

Charles Maseredjian, DDS

Alex Mizin, DMD (Oral Surgeon)

Kristin Moriguchi, DDS

J. Luis Ruiz, DDS

Peter Shimizu, DDS (Dental Director)

June Siron, DDS

Astrid Soegaard, DMD

Robert Sue, DDS

Ana Tam, DDS

Robert Thein, DDS

Vivian Tom, DDS

Melissa Weaver, DDS

Merilynn Yamada, DDS (Orthodontist)

Shahriyar Banihashemi, DDS (Endodontics)

Geoffrey Okada, DDS, MS (Endodontics)

Raffi Margossian, DDS, MSD (Oral Surgeon)

Keith Radack, DDS (Oral Surgeon)

Ron Lascoe, DMD (Periodontics) Marc Waki, DDS (Periodontics)

Volunteer Office Support

Evelia Estrada

Linda Ginoza

Estephany Lona

Armida Lopez

Gail Mitchell

Esbeidy Sifuentes

Michael Thein

JBHS Students from Ms. Gillette's, Ms. Russon's and Ms. Freeman's Health Classes

Ticktockers from National Charity League, Inc. Burbank Chapter

Dental Hygiene Partners

Pasadena City College Dental Hygiene Program

West Los Angeles College Dental Hygiene Program

San Fernando Valley Dental Society

San Fernando Valley Dental Hygienist Society

Would YOU like to become a KCDC Volunteer?

You, too, can give back to your community by volunteering with the Kids' Community Dental Clinic!  See some of the ways you can help here.